When I was 16 and growing up in central South Carolina, I walked into the forest with a  neighbor one afternoon. Little did I know he was about to change my life. He began to fill a container with wild fruits, roots and leaves that we then transformed into a lunch at his house. I was instantly hooked. I'd never known I was surrounded by food and medicine, hidden in plain sight. In those days before the internet, I began reading every book I could find in the library about wild edibles and learned from some respected foragers in the region. My life was never the same again.

Come foraging with me!


Foraging is one of the most ancient activities we can do. Before there were grocery stores or even farms there were foragers. Gathering food and medicine from the wild shifts us from observers of nature to participants. We connect with nature in a way that most of us havent since childhood. 

When we slip into "forager's mind", we remember how to slow down and listen to the  language of the land. 

Foraging is a way of seeing and a way of living. Want to learn how? 

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