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Full Belly Foraging

Join us for a life-changing journey into connection with the wild!


The Wild Turning is a year long foraging immersion that's offered in quarters. It's much more than a course. It's a community, a band of local people seeking a deeper connection to their environment, and reviving a sense of comfort and proficiency in wild nature. It's an exploration of seasonal cycles and tracking changes in species that provide for us. 

Learn to recognize trees that will bear fruit in the coming summer by the patterns on their bark in winter. Learn to know where to look for pawpaws in August by the kinds of butterflies you see in June. 


Attune your awareness and empower yourself to feel at home in wild places in any season. 

The Wild Turning is offered in quarters of three months each. By exploring different ecosystems in all seasons, we can get a broad understanding of where and when to look for useful species. The next round starts on March 2, 2024. On two Saturdays of each month we'll meet for a three hour intensive in-person foraging quest as a group. In case of extreme weather we'll reschedule. We'll check out various locations around Columbia, SC, all within 40 minutes of downtown. We'll organize carpooling options for the further out locations. The dates for this coming spring are March 2nd and 16th, April 6th and 13th and May 4th and 18th. 


In putting together this experience, I'm in a way working to create the kinds of resources and interactions I would have wanted when I began the journey into this way of life. 

Along with the in-person quests, we'll send you four short films a month spot-lighting wild edibles in season, where to find them in our local environment, and how to prepare

them in your kitchen. These are filmed in the Columbia area, and are specific to species we can find and use here. Expect some bonus films as well! And we'll stay in touch through a private group page, where you can ask questions, share information and get to know our little foraging community. Recommended readings will accompany the course. This season we're excited to announce that there will be guest instructors! These knowledgable local teachers are former Wild Turning participants who will share their specialties in such topics as wild cooking and simple medicine making. 

The Wild Turning is $665 for this coming quarter, which includes the in-person foraging quests, the four + films each month and access to the group page described above. The Wild Turning is part in-person and part digital so that it's a learning environment that has a foot in both worlds, using multiple learning styles.

It's been said that teaching is not the filling of a vessel, but the lighting of a fire.

Beyond the technical information we'll share, we want to ignite in you the feeling of radical freedom that comes with rewilding your mind. Being able to read the landscape and find food and medicine regardless of what's happening in the money economy makes the world feel like a friendlier place. Foraging is about remembering that we have a place in the balance of this Earth. We are more than the cities we've built, the wars we've waged and the pollution we've created. Solving the world's problems begins with remembering that we aren't separate from nature, we are nature. Foraging is one simple way to connect not only to the nature around us, but to the nature within us. It reminds us that like the forests and rivers and stars, we belong here. 

Ready to romp through the seasons with us?


There is a checkout button below, and just checking out is an option that will get you into this spring's course. But my invitation is to drop into a deeper conversation with me. The Wild Turning is a longer commitment, even if you choose to join us for only a quarter. I'm having conversations with each participant to find out what draws them to this program, make sure it's right for them and learn how I can craft the course to their specific needs. So, of course you can just check out below, and join the class, but I encourage you, before paying anything, to get in touch! Email me at and we'll set up a phone or zoom call. In fact this program is so locally based, you're invited to come sit and chat on my porch! I intend to build a community that grows and thrives well beyond the program. Whether you go ahead and check out, or set up a time to talk first, once you register you'll get further information about how and when to join the group page, recommended readings, and the location for our first gathering. I look forward to hearing from you. See you in the woods!

The Wild Turning Spring 2024

March-May 2024


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